Convict Cells

Firm but fair

David Dunlop was a forceful man with strong convictions, and he was far ahead of his time in the treatment of aboriginals.

Looking for work

He advocated the wisdom of contracting with any willing aborigines for the completion of a limited and specific task.

Interesting fact

In 1841 a convict by the name of Charles Jones escaped from David Dunlop at Mulla Villa.

Escape from Mulla Villa

He became a bushranger on the Great North Road until his capture three months later.

Sleeping rough

This is where convicts slept at night. Spot the meat safe (not around in convict times), plough, ball and chain, hand pump and telecommunications equipment.


In convict times hessian and saw dust were used to stop the noise of the convicts affecting the Dunlop family that lived above them. Spot the rings in the walls.